i was going to finally redo my marley twists

but then i washed and detangled my hair, now i no longer feel like it……

#naturalhair #naturalhairproblems 

finally finished my hair !

don’t even ask me how long it took….(infinite hours…)

i’ll probably leave these up until the beginning of Sept, then redo them. 

I’ll take more pictures when I go out tommorrow

as far as I got with my marley twists.

i’ll probably finish them either monday or tuesday, but for now i’ll wear them in a bun.

Finished 70% of my Marley twists around 4am

Just to put it in a bun.
The plan started out a movie day…
But ended up at my friends pool.
Now i have to wash my hair…

My adventures with semi-straight hair


pro-this is the longest i remember my hair being, ever

cons- i didn’t accurately prepare my hair for flat ironing; It was not properly moisturized prior. So due to that, and my horrible flat iron, it did not get as straight as i wanted it.

But i’ll try again another time, in like fall…

because right now i’m doing marley twists and i plan on keeping them in for a while, as twists and as faux locs. 

so…i tried to do Marley twists tonight

but i kept twisting too tight, so they would just unravel when i got to the ends…meaning i would’ve had to retwist it.

so i’ll try again tomorrow night

going to buy some marley hair

and DeZerai is gonna help me do Marley Twists on my hair either today or Sunday.

…now i just have to decide what color i want..

That moment when you accidentally, successfully style your hair.

I didn’t think braiding my leave out with the front of the hair would work…but it did. And it happened on accident, but i just kept going.

The Outre Premium Natural Indian Hair that i reverse ombred.

Pro: curl pattern, takes dye really well.

Con: this hair tangles and sheds, even though i didn’t cut any of the wefts